IBC Tamil (International Broadcasting Corporation for Tamil)

IBC Tamil (formerly the International Broadcasting Corporation for Tamil) is a multimedia company offering subscription-free Tamil radio, television, magazine and online services across the globe.

In 1997 IBC Tamil began as a radio station reaching out to Tamil people living all over the world, in the UK, Europe and the Middle East - soon to expand to Canada and India. We now run the world's largest 24-hour Tamil radio station, boasting a core audience of over one million and growing. IBC Tamil has built a reputation as providers of unbiased news editorial and high-quality entertainment.

Our programming is community-focused and socially responsible so we go everywhere our audiences want to go, from regional events to sports fixtures. Then our local crews in Sri Lanka and India create relevant up-to-the-minute reports for our expert editorial team to share across all media formats.

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  • Providing the best possible service to our customers without a breaking, a sweat across the world. Calls may be recorded and monitored for quality and security purposes.

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